Learn to Accept a Losing Day & Trading Levels for July 23rd 2018

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1.Trading 101: One of the Most Important (and often overlooked....) Aspects of Day Trading - Learn to Accept Losses

by: Ilan Levy-Mayer, VP

I am frequently asked, (and many times I ask myself) about the keys to trading success in general and futures trading in specific. The list is long and, to be honest, it is not an exact science

Successful trading is a mix of art and math, personality and discipline and much more in between. I have seen many different ways to make money in the futures and commodities world. I saw and still see clients trade and make money.

Yet, the list of clients who lose money is bigger than the ones who makemoney....Why?

One of the most frequent and overlooked problems is not "how to make money", but one key is actually "learning how to lose"... .If you have never traded before you may raise an eyebrow...If you have indeed traded before, you're starting to smell where I am going with this....

In this week's article I will touch on the topic as well as try to provide you, the trader, with some practical tips to help you learn how to lose properly in order to give you the chances to win more consistently.

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Futures Trading Levels


Contract September 2018SP500 #ES_FNasdaq100 #NQ_FDow Jones #YM_FMini Russell #RTY_FBitCoin Index #XBT_F
Resistance 32828.837463.92253351715.937989.66
Resistance 22819.677438.83252231711.777833.73
Resistance 12811.337400.92251371705.837586.25
Support 12793.837337.92249391695.737182.84
Support 22784.677312.83248271691.577026.91
Support 32776.337274.92247411685.636779.43
ContractAugust Gold #GC_FSept. Silver #SI-FSept. Crude Oil #CL-FSept. Bonds #ZB_FSept. Euro #6E_F
Resistance 31254.115.9670.00146 14/321.1931
Resistance 21243.315.7669.45145 31/321.1859
Resistance 11237.015.6568.78145 2/321.1818
Pivot1226.215.4568.23144 19/321.1746
Support 11219.915.3367.56143 22/321.1705
Support 21209.115.1367.01143 7/321.1633
Support 31202.815.0266.34142 10/321.1592
ContractDec. Corn #ZC_FSept. Wheat #ZW_FNov. Beans #ZS_FDec. SoyMeal #ZM_FAug. Nat Gas #NG_F
Resistance 3377.3535.3877.83333.102.81
Resistance 2373.5527.5871.92331.002.80
Resistance 1371.3521.8868.33327.802.78
Support 1365.3508.3858.8322.52.7
Support 2361.5500.5852.92320.402.74
Support 3359.3494.8849.33317.202.72

For a complete list of support and resistance levels for#ES_F,#NQ_F,#YM_F,#RTY_F,#XBT_F,#GC_F,#SI-F,#CL-F, #ZB_F, #6E_F,#ZC_F,#ZW_F,#ZS_F,#ZM_F,#NG_Fhttps://www.cannontrading.com

Trading Futures, Options on Futures, and retail off-exchange foreign currency transactions involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more of your initial investment. Opinions, market data, and recommendations are subject to change at any time.