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It appears that we are past having to worry about temperatures for planting so we will not post anymore temperature based planting conditions predictions unless there are some dramatic changes. […] (full story)

Now that the 90% thresholds for full carry levels (in front month spreads) for Soybean futures have printed almost across the board, the market is still seeking out storage and continues a bearish trend in price. (full story)

Take Prevent, save gas, time this fall? Is Corn a Runaway Bull, lose a bu. a day? Bull Spreads explode (full story)

EURUSD broader bias remains lower towards the 1.1109 support zone. Support comes in at the 1.1050 where a violation will turn risk to the 1.1000 level. (full story)

(full story)

Lets take a look at the levels you need to know in the S&P, Crude and Gold as markets pare the worst of the morning. (full story)

Cotton Cotton that has been planted and emerged is growing as our saturated soil profile is finally starting to dry down. Cotton in the scouting program was at the 2- […] (full story)

A lot of farmers are planting corn in wet, less-than-ideal field conditions this spring. But you can make a bad situation better by teaching your planter how to dance. (full story)

It was just two Mondays ago that the corn market gapped lower on disappointment over the breakdown in the U.S. Chinese trade talks. It was then last Monday that we saw corn push down to the lowest point traded in spot futures since July of last year. Of course... (full story)

The latest Crop Production report from USDA-NASS shos May 1 hay stocks at 14.9 million tons, down 2.9% year over year.  However, May 1 hay stocks in 2018 were also small.  (full story)

Nerves (full story)

Venezuela just can’t stay out of the news.  We last reported in late April that Venezuela sold $400 million of gold, somehow finding a way around sanctions imposed by the US and other countries.  Last Friday reports emerged that Venezuela had sold another 15 tonnes of... (full story)

Bulls quickly fade to suggest a challenge of May low, or below. (full story)

If you were ever curious what a weather premium looks like in corn futures, look no further than the July 2019 contract. (full story)

In the midst of evolving trade deals and EU elections, where are we going next? Today's article dives deeper into the ongoing price rotations. (full story)

Actionable analysis and ideas for ES, Crude, Gold and more goes out to brokerage clients each and every morning. (full story)

AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben has the story from Swanton, Ohio. She talks with John Myers, Jeremy Myers and Justin Myers who farm in the area. ​ (full story)

Awaiting crop report (full story)

The Fed promised that the quantitative easing would be only temporary and that it would reduce its ballooned balance sheet to the pre-crisis level. Now, as the Fed adopted an interest targeting with ample-reserves, we know that this is not going to happen. We invite you to read our todays article... (full story)

Farmers are in a tricky spot because of excessive rain, and it’s likely going to keep coming. According to BAMWX meteorologists, farmers in the central U.S. will likely see 2” or more rainfall in the next 10 days. (full story)

Wet weather sparks short covering in the grain markets. (full story)

To say that this planting season has been full of challenges with respect to weather conditions would be an extreme understatement. According to the USDA NASS, Mississippi soybean planting as […] (full story)

Highly Accurate Multi Time Frame Technical Analysis. (full story)

Trade disruptions add uncertainty to the U.S. agricultural economy. President Trump’s recent announcement to increase the tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods continues to chip away at an […] (full story)

Worry/Concern/Reality/God Help Us! (full story)

Germination is the renewal of enzymatic activity that results in cell division and elongation and, ultimately, embryo emergence through the seed coat. Germination is triggered by absorption of water through […] (full story)

Kacey Birchmier Byline: Tony Dreibus 1. Soybeans, Grains Rise Overnight on More Wet Weather Soybeans and grains were higher in overnight trading as more wet weather moves into the Midwest... (full story)

We've got our attention on soybeans. Here's what we're watching for. (full story)

On Friday the markets took a break from its upward trend. Will that change today or continue? Read on to learn more... (full story)

Markets Discussed in This Week's Price Action Trades Weekly Preview: AUDCAD, GBPCHF, AUS200 and SILVER. (full story)

Trade Anticipates Crop Progress Numbers (full story)

Corn (ZC) is trying to post its 6th straight green daily candle to start the week in today's Asia morning, after having formed its strongest green weekly candle in the accompanied weekly chart. Significantly, given the 10 month downchannel resistance (on the weekly chart) ZC is now... (full story)

Grains are set to start the week on firm footing. Cattle are on the verge of marking a near term low. Hogs have the potential to breakout. (full story)

The spread has risen sharply in recent days (full story)

Corn spread has risen to a great place for a sell (full story)

EURUSD broader bias remains lower towards the 1.1109 support zone. Support comes in at the 1.1050 where a violation will turn risk to the 1.1000 level. (full story)

Below is a daily July corn chart showing planetary angle lines. I used a price per degree of .25. Saturn is support at $3.40. Neptune crosses at $3.56 and is support. Uranus crosses at $3.68 and is support. The upper Jupiter is our target and crooses at $4.22. Below is a daily July corn chart... (full story)

Another false break out (full story)

Trend is strong (full story)

Chart Structure Improving (full story)

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) saw some healthy profittaking this past week, pulling back to slightly below 7k and working off overbought conditions on the daily chart. BTCUSD has bounced strongly on this Sunday's Asia morning and appears poised to resume its uptrend, beginning to form its 4th straight... (full story)

Influences on supply and demand in the commodities space will likely become prominent and these negative market changes could send oil prices back toward their prior lows. (full story)

Here is this week’s issue of AgFax Tree Crops. Our thanks to BASF and its California team for sponsoring this coverage. Got questions or comments? Let us know. Owen Taylor, […] (full story)

Going into the week, here are 3 hot points to keep in mind in rice: Armyworms In north Arkansas, true armyworms are moving into some rice in the 2- to […] (full story)

We’re now officially more than 50% planted, but why does it not feel that way? When we look at planting progress by year on a chart, 2019’s progress is holding […] (full story)

The Fed ever so lightly changed one.... (full story)

Chris Vermeulen talks with HoweStreet.com on gold caps. (full story)

In this week’s AgFax Weekend – Bayer’s Glyphosate Problem | 1927 Flood Déjà vu | Prevented Planning – Not Your Daddy’s Version | and more. (full story)

The Trend Trader helps to identify the current trend status of your favorite futures markets. It not only helps us to stay on the right side of market direction, but also helps us avoid those without a trend. You can even use the grid as a spread matrix too - buying strength and selling weakness.... (full story)

Although the Mississippi river appears to have crested around Arkansas City, Arkansas, the devastation of back water flooding in the lower Mississippi Delta will not ease up for months.  The […] (full story)

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